just some alephs and bbgs 

the struggle of trying to have 14 seniors keep candles lit with wind

i love my region, NER

my home and my heart

NFTY and BBYO: We Can Make Each Other Stronger | RJ Blog

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Because people have stopped posting BBYO pictures, here is BBYO popcorn!
#tbt to the longest bus ride ever with the coolest big ever #eck2011 #old  (at in a ditch )

best friends☆

Just a small chapter looking for some help


yo guys i’m part of this international non profit organization that instills Judaism into young Jewish teens. The organization is called BBYO and it’s pretty much a youth lead organization and currently i am the treasurer for my particular chapter and we’re doing a fundraiser to try and get some solid cash into our hands so we can have more fun and better programs and it would just be cool if just a few of you checked it out and maybe donated if you felt like helping a good cause. even if you don’t donate it would be really nice if you just spread the word please. thanks guys

Spotted: International sunshine girl
I hate the glare in this picture but I love my Michigan girls 💙